Litecoin Casinos Online for Crypto Speculators

Litecoin is regarded as the second-oldest cryptocurrency, as its protocol diverged from Bitcoin’s in 2011. Since then, this cryptocurrency has been creating ripples in the online wagering industry and is Bitcoin Cash’s closest competitor.

We’ll examine these Litecoin casinos and examine what distinguishes Litecoin from its competitors. We will offer you some advice on how to use it at online casinos and address some of the most important concerns regarding this cryptocurrency.

How We Rate Litecoin Online Casinos
Before we even consider recommending an online wagering site, we first conduct a thorough review. This process is carried out by our knowledgeable staff, who have evaluated hundreds of casino sites and are intimately familiar with the industry.

We like to pose the following questions when conducting reviews:

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Reputation and Authority – Does the website adhere to all of the standards outlined by their licensing body? Is the site still in good standing with the licensing agency and has it cleared the agency’s inspections?

incentives and Promotions – Are the incentives transparent and accessible to all users? Exist numerous bonuses, such as welcome packages, crypto-specific bonuses, and incentives for returning players?

Game Selection – Which software developers is the site affiliated with? Are there a variety of slot machines, table games, live dealer games, video poker, and specialty games available? How does their product stack up against the competition?

Customer Support – How do you contact customer service? Do they offer live chat, an email address, and a phone number? How accommodating is the customer service team? Are they prompt and courteous?

What distinguishes Litecoin from Bitcoin?

Charlie Lee, a computer scholar, created Litecoin in 2011 in response to Bitcoin. Proof-of-work protocols are utilized by both Litecoin and Bitcoin. This is a significant similarity between the two cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, there are a few distinctions between the two cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin’s transaction approval time is between 9 and 10 minutes, while Litecoin’s is between 2 and 3 minutes.
Litecoin’s utmost supply of coins is 84 million, while Bitcoin’s maximum supply is 21 million.
The vast distribution of Bitcoin makes each coin more valuable than each Litecoin token.
Bitcoin uses 707 kWh of electricity per transaction, whereas Litecoin only uses 18.5 KWh.
Many of these details are irrelevant for online gamblers, but approval speed and electricity consumption are crucial considerations if you plan to use Litecoin frequently for wagering. By using Litecoin, you can receive funds more quickly and decrease your ecological imprint.

Depositing Litecoin at Online Casinos
online betting with Litecoin

To place a Litecoin deposit at an online casino, you must first purchase Litecoin from a cryptocurrency exchange. If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, we recommend reading our beginner’s guide and then our guide to crypto wallets. These pages will provide you with a solid foundation for Litecoin wagering!

If you’re a seasoned crypto user, here are some straightforward instructions for making an LTC deposit at an online casino.

Step 1: Visit the transaction page of your preferred casino or sportsbook. Select your desired deposit mechanism, Litecoin in this case.

Before making a deposit, you must input a promotional code or obtain an incentive. Typically, crypto welcome incentives only apply to your initial deposits, so if you miss out, it’s game over!

Step 3: Enter the dollar quantity of your deposit, and the site will display the equivalent in Litecoin. Enter your wallet’s address and confirm the transaction.

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