Review of Tombola Online 4.5/5

The majority of Tombola reviews highlight the company’s transparent and trustworthy track record, which is well-deserved. Tombola is one of the oldest and most esteemed online bingo communities in the United Kingdom. Despite having existed since the 1950s, Tombola only debuted on the world arena in 2006 as a major participant in online gaming. They take pleasure in maintaining traditional values and a commitment to fair play online, and it shows! Tombola is a reliable and reputable firm that maintains its word and pays promptly and fairly!


Tombola Bingo has a subsidiary brand named Tombola Arcade, which offers modernized versions of classic games. Tombola site evaluations for both Bingo and Arcade emphasize that the firm takes care in providing its users with an atmosphere that is engaging, entertaining, and honest. Through several chat rooms regulated by Tombola personnel, Tombola strives to promote a feeling of community. Their customer service is excellent and located in the United Kingdom, but they’ll likely need a few additional hubs as they swiftly expand into Spain and Italy, with ambitions to expand to other nations in the coming years.


Combining friendly and open customer service with creative and lucrative games, Tombola has hit the jackpot. It is a certain winner!


When you invest £25, Tombola will offer you 50 pounds to play with, which is 200 percent of your deposit.

Every game at Tombola has a payout rate of 95% or above.

Tombola’s websites are the most esteemed online gaming communities in the United Kingdom and are gaining international prominence quickly.


Certain games are ineligible for the Tombola casino sign-up bonus funds.

Software and Game Selection 5 out of 5

Even in the advanced digital environment of 2023, Tombola’s interface is very simple to use, and its customer care staff is approachable. Their original website and Tombola Arcade are both quite intuitive.


The Tombola app is compatible with iPhones, Galaxy devices, and Androids, and it has received wonderful reviews on all platforms. Tombola places a significant emphasis on the end-user experience.


Tombola specializes on Bingo games and hence offers a multitude of variations on the popular game. Bingo 80, Bingo 60, Bingo 50, Bingo 90, Bingo Lite, and Bingo Roulette are available. Pirates, Cinco Card Game, Tombola Roulette, Hamster Race, Lucky 7 and Roller Coaster are available if you’re looking for something a bit different.


Tombola Arcade Tombola Mobile Review 5/5

You can quickly win at flip, bubble, scratch, emoji, pick, and spin games by navigating to Tombola Arcade on your PC, tablet, or mobile device. Tombola UK launched Tombola Arcade in 2016 as an alternative to Tombola Bingo, and it has since become an integral and more popular member of the Tombola family. Each game is built in-house to be both quirky and engaging. Try Tombola Arcade if you want to take a break from regular casino games but still play with a firm that has a reputation for honesty and responsibility.


Tombola Mobile Application 5/5

It would be difficult to locate a bad review of the Tombola app. Tombola’s dedication to its clients is never more evident than in the Tombola app. It plays nicely on all common smartphone platforms and tablets and is compatible with them.


Even if you have troubles with mobile games, Tombola’s customer service is lightning fast, so you can expect to be playing very shortly. Additionally, tech assistance responds quickly to client complaints.


The software is also same across platforms, so there is no learning curve if you move phones or service providers. Signing up is quick, there are daily promotions and plenty of games, and playing Star is free. Stars is a casino game that provides you the opportunity to win a 30,000-pound prize. Simply enter your phone number to obtain a code that enables you to enter the Stars jackpot drawing. You are not even need to make a deposit to participate. Other games may be played for as low as 10p.


Safety and Fairness 5/5 eCogra Security Badge at Tombola (EN)

Tombola UK has earned a sterling reputation for functioning in an ethical manner. Customers claim that their payment system is accurate and prompt, with payments generally being received within three to five days following a payout request.


Tombola’s website is protected by 128-Bit SSL encryption and accepts a variety of credit cards including PayPal. Their community invites feedback and promptly addresses any problems. Their aim and mandate includes enforcing fair play and providing a safe environment for their athletes. When you play at a Tombola casino, you will do so in an environment where your requirements are prioritized and your financial privacy is rigorously protected.

Tombola Customer Support



Customer Support at Tombola is unparalleled, and they may be reached in a variety of ways. A Tombola representative is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through telephone at 08002988873 or via Live Chat at any time. You may visit Live Chat on any Tombola website and chat with a representative quickly. You may also email Tombola at with any technical problems or difficulties using their websites or applications.


They genuinely make it simple to contact them and get your issues fixed immediately! When you play with Tombola Bingo, Tombola Arcade, or any of their mobile applications, your issues and complaints will be addressed promptly and thoroughly.


Promotions by Tombola 4/5

In every given month, Tombola offers a number of incentives. They consistently provide their popular Stars promotion, and this month you may additionally take advantage of the following:


January Promotion: 20-Card Tombola

The Tombola Prize is a guaranteed full house of 20,000 pounds.


At 9 p.m. on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of January


Increasing jackpots

Tombola offers a multitude of jackpots of varying sizes. Some of their campaigns offer the potential for enormous payouts, such as Arcade 3-2-1, where players have won enormous sums in a single hour, and Stars, where you may earn a weekly share of 30,000 pounds. Perhaps the largest and most desirable prize does not even need a wager. Sign up on any Tombola website to win a gigantic 100,000-pound prize. People have really cashed up on Tombola’s golden ticket, so this is not a mere pipedream or fiction. Part of Tombola’s appeal is the accessibility of its prizes. This, along with a courteous staff and a tech support team ready to handle any small issues, is why Tombola is a market leader among online casinos.


Conclusion \s4.5/5

Tombola has earned a strong reputation as a well-known and esteemed participant in the online casino industry. It would be difficult to find fault with their business practices, and even their tiny print is above board. Their hefty bonus money cannot be used on all games, although in the broad scheme of things, this is a small issue.


In addition, their jackpots are impressive. You may enter the contest to win 100,000 pounds without making a deposit. Register on any Tombola site. People who play on Tombola or Tombola affiliates apparently earn over seven million pounds every week, making Tombola one of the most profitable online gaming sites!


Tombola has earned every half-star of their 4.5-star rating. They are unquestionably an industry behemoth and will be there for decades. We are eager to observe what transpires throughout their growth into Italy and Spain over the next couple of years. Tombola may easily be a worldwide brand by 2023 if they maintain their current level of quality and commitment to customer happiness.

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